Credit Control Support Services

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The Problem

Over £225 billion is owed to SMEs in Britain in late payments

  • Are you a part of this figure?

You deserve to be paid on time for the work you do, and it is our mission to ensure that you are.

49% of UK SMEs were cash-flow negative in July 2019. This shows how big a problem late payments are, but also that you’re not alone in suffering from them. We are here to help.

Credit control isn’t the most exciting of tasks. So let us take care of it, leaving you with more time to spend on other areas of your business, or doing the things you love.

We understand how important it is for you to have cash in the bank. And we also know how busy you are. Let us handle your credit control for you, boosting your cash flow and freeing up your time.

Credit control can be tiresome and timely. Why not let us take care of the heavy lifting, boosting your cash flow and saving time.

The Solution

Virtual Credit Control is the future. We will carry out your credit control on your behalf, ensuring you get paid on time or provide you with an efficient platform if you want to manage the process yourself.

  • We know that maintaining good customer relationships is incredibly important. And for that reason, all email communication with your customers will look and feel exactly as if it has come from you.

    1. Email invoice chasing and responses on your behalf

    2. Customised templates and schedules to fit your tone of voice

    3. Full access to the CRM (conversation tracker) so you can track progress and have complete peace of mind and transparency

    4. Phone calls (if required)

    5. Regular reports and updates on debtors

    6. Legal support (if required)

Our options for your business.

  • Software Only - We provide the software, support you with setup and training. (Discounted from RRP)

  • Partial Service - We can handle the regular, scheduled email contact for you, but you continue the phone contact with your customers.

  • Full Service - We can handle regular, scheduled email and phone calls with your customers. We can even post out letters to customers if you want to make this a part of your solution.

In addition to this, we can advise on payment options to make it easier for you to collect payments from customers automatically.

Finally, if a customer still doesn't make payment, the Chaser platform also has the facility to follow up with legal collection of the outstanding debt. The benefit of this is that all the records proving contact and frequency, promises from customers, notes from phone calls

This is a fixed percentage based on the age of the debt and is completely optional, so you don't have to use this feature if you don't want to.

A fixed monthly price tailored to your business.

Credit Control services can be a standalone service or included within your Personalised Service Package

Whether you're Self Employed, in a Partnership, or have a Limited Company we have a package for you.