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DBu Accounting Limited

DBu Accounting and Business Solutions

Kenora Daniels Gate

Long Sutton

Spading, Lincolnshire. PE12 9DN

Phone: 01406 471 406

Please note this is a new phone number.

Our old number was 0333 303 1415. This number will remain active until 31st December 2020 but all calls from now on will be forwarded automatically to the new number (at no cost to the caller).

DBu Accounting Limited is a company registered in England.

Company Registration No. 08285345

Registered Office:

Kenora Daniels Gate, Long Sutton, Spalding, Lincolnshire. PE12 9DN

DBu Accounting Limited is regulated by the Institute of Financial Accountants:

Institute of Financial Accountants

CS111, Clerkenwell Workshops

27-31 Clerkenwell Close




Our Professional Indemnity Insurer is Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd, 1 Great St Helens, London, EC34 6HX